ario's extensive voice work experience covers all areas including commercials, narration, dubbing, looping, language learning programs, e-learning and character voices. A native French speaker, he specializes in Canadian and European French as well as accented English.

His home studio features a Warm Audio WA-47jr Large Diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone along with a Solid State Logic SSL2 Audio Interface for broadcast quality recordings.

He also direct commercial recordings helping clients realize their visions while assisting talent in bringing them to life. He has thousands of hours of experience monitoring recording sessions of all lengths as well as reviewing recordings for quality control.

He is based in New York City and is a member of SAG-AFTRA and UDA.

Canadian French

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Marriott Bonvoy TV Commercial

Pennzoil TV Commercial

Boost TV Commercial

Movember TV Commercial

MegaRed TV Commercial

Sharpie Extreme TV Commercial

Bridgestone TV Commercial

John Deere TV Commercial

Babbel TV Commercial

Trip Advisor TV Commercial

FRAM Radio Spot

Moores TV Commercial

Home Connect by Bosch Promo

KIA Promo

Acuvue Promo

European French

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Broad City - Animation
Comedy Central

Moto 360 Commercial

Trip Advisor TV Commercials
voice of French Bulldog

Hyatt TV Commercial

Firefox Android Commercial

Walgreens Radio Spot (US)

MoMA Audio Guide
Permanent Collection

APC - Radio Spot (Africa)

Accented English

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Burger King US Commercial

Nantucket Nectars Radio Spot

Narrator - Audible Audio Book
Letters to a Young Chef by Daniel Boulud
Looping / Dubbing

Royal Pains ADR

Nat Geo - Solar-Powered Flight
voice of Bertrand Piccard (excerpt)

Nat Geo - Secrets of the Hope Diamond
voice of François Farge (excerpt)


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